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Jane Peterson

Jane Peterson

Jane Peterson
(American, 1876-1965)
Figures Along a Venetian Canal, Summer

Oil on paper mounted to canvas, 23 ½ x 18 inches

Signed Jane Peterson lower left

Gold leaf frame

Figures Along a Venetian Canal, Summer was painted circa 1903-1909 and shows dramatically how influenced Peterson was by the bold exciting colors that were being experimented with by members of the Paris Fauvist movement. In this oil painting Peterson is a fine draftsman as well as colorist. With broad, sweeping strokes of pure color she juxtaposes light against dark, while at the same time with the use of various tones and hues of white and off-white pigments a viewer's eyes scans the entire picture from the two bonneted female figures at the right of the picture, to the figures along a canal bridge to the stucco building in the distance. The day is bright and filled with sunshine but tall buildings that line the canal give shade and shadow, allowing the picture to develop depth and charm.